Wiwi Jury of this 2010s: Ukraine’s Zlata Ognevich with “Gravity”

Wiwi Jury of this 2010s: Ukraine’s Zlata Ognevich with “Gravity”

The Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of music unprofessionals — are re-assembling to commemorate the 2010s. In this ten years, we’ve seen a few of the most iconic shows of them all, including burning pianos, projected stickmen and Ukrainian leaders. Talking about which, it is time for you to review Zlata Ognevich from Ukraine along with her third-placer “Gravity”.

After their then score that is worst ever in 2012, Ukraine needed seriously to bounce straight back swiftly in 2013. exactly What better means to complete it than a track that is other-worldly feels like it’d be at home in a blockbuster Disney film? Does not hurt that the singer had been undoubtedly had and stunning bags of charisma, and lung area for several days, needless to say.

Zlata’s performance began by having a gentleman called Igor Vovkovinskiy holding her on the phase and placing her on a stone platform directly away from a woodland-esque scene. (more…)

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