What’s the Age of Consent for Sex in Texas?

What’s the Age of Consent for Sex in Texas?

It’s essential to learn the“age that is so-called of” for sex in Texas.

That’s since the distinction of just a couple months in age could possibly be the distinction between shame or innocence — freedom or prison — if you’re investigated for the sex crime that is possible.

In Texas, the age that is legal of for sex is 17 yrs . old. This legislation is applicable similarly to men and women, and also to heterosexuals in addition to homosexuals. This means an individual age 17 or older has got the right in law to consent to activity that is sexual.

Though a person is regarded as in a position to make such a determination at 17, someone below this age is not considered capable of making a decision that is wise as well as unforced intercourse can result in unlawful fees.

As an example, when you yourself have consensual intercourse with some body under 17 and aren’t hitched to them, you may be faced with indecency with a young child. That’s a 2nd level felony that could bring punishment of two to two decades in prison.

The fee and punishment gets a whole lot worse for those who have intercourse with somebody who’s younger than 14 years old. (more…)

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