Polyandry in Tibet: A Few Husbands, One Spouse

Polyandry in Tibet: A Few Husbands, One Spouse

Wedding Traditions when you look at the Himalayan Highlands

History & Community

Polyandry could be the title provided to the social training for the marriage of just one girl to one or more guy asian brides. The expression for polyandry where in fact the husbands for the provided spouse are brothers to one another is fraternal polyandry or polyandry that is adelphic.

Polyandry in Tibet

In Tibet, fraternal polyandry had been accepted. Brothers would marry one girl, whom left her family members to become listed on her husbands, as well as the young young ones regarding the wedding would inherit the land.

Like numerous social traditions, polyandry in Tibet ended up being suitable for particular challenges of geography. The practice of polyandry would reduce the number of heirs, because a woman has more biological limits on the number of children she can have than a man does in a country where there was little tillable land. Hence, the land would remain inside the family that is same undivided. The marriage of brothers to your woman that is same make sure brothers stayed regarding the land together to get results that land, supplying to get more adult male work. (more…)

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