Latest Casino Bonuses Expands iGaming Portfolio with Two Little Fleas

Latest Casino Bonuses Expands iGaming Portfolio with Two Little Fleas

On the web video gaming affiliate network Latest Casino Bonuses (LCB) is certainly understood because of its itch for brand new improvements to its growing family. It announced that it has relieved slightly that itch through the acquisition of online bingo portal Two Little Fleas today.

LCB founder Joshua Chan and Co-CEO for the community Nikola Zugic were said to have done the deal’s closing within the last several days. Last details had been set and the deal ended up being closed on Monday. LCB confirmed an $835,000 price for the member that is latest of its family members.

Generally speaking, Two minimal Fleas provides comprehensive details about the popular game of bingo, specially reviews of bingo web sites. Players can look bingo that is up different, arranging search results by the knowledge they find primary, including system, supporting pc software, accepted payment techniques and currencies, etc. Two Little Fleas also features bingo- and gambling-related news since well as being a lifestyle part that contains non-gambling but similarly entertaining information from different fields of life.

Content with its new purchase, the LCB system unveiled that it would develop the bingo affiliate site even further. The Two minimal Fleas purchase doesn’t include its initial staff, but it would appear that one of its very first content article writers will continue working with the LCB system, before the latter is ready to implement its brand new technique for the web site. (more…)

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