Surfacing Cannabinoids | CBD vs CBG, CBN, THC-A

Surfacing Cannabinoids | CBD vs CBG, CBN, THC-A

When thinking about cannabinoids into the cannabis plant, THC and CBD have a tendency to one thinks of. Most likely, they truly are the two many abundant cannabinoids found in cannabis and also been the biggest market of attention among users and scientists alike. Increasing numbers of people are more inclined to learn of thosetwo cannabinoids additionally the results they will have in the body and mind.

But CBD and THC aren’t the cannabinoids that are only cannabis. In reality, there are a large number of other understood cannabinoids1 within the plant which might additionally offer Their set that is own of to those that utilize cannabis, including CBG, CBN, and THC-A.

What exactly are these cannabinoids and exactly how do they compare to CBD?


CBG – or cannabigerol – is another cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant. (more…)

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