Chipotle? Pizza? Study More Applications?

Day 8:30 AM: I get to my office (lets be honest, cubicle) to start my work. I open my outlook, read new emails, and respond to the majority of them (some will need some additional attention later on into the day.) I’m very close to finishing my one walk for your day.

8:45-9:00 AM: I open three windows: 1) the internet, 2) our own USC database that is internal and 3) my grade point average (GPA) calculator. We use the internet to see the Common Application, our database to keep records of everything, and simply since it sounds, the GPA calculator to determine GPAs. I will be always happy once I see an entire history that is academic. USC asks candidates to record their classes and grades by topic (English, math, foreign language, social sciences etc…) therefore that it’s easy to understand the classes a student took in ninth through eleventh grade. I can also see the grades in a clear and organized way. We begin reading applications.

9:01 AM: Someone just started dealing with fantasy football. As a first time player, this immediately catches my attention (I happened to be eliminated in the first round of playoffs after investing the entire period as quantity one in my league of sixteen players…just sayin…) I battle to stay focused but my will power is still strong this early in the morning.

9:02 AM 12:00 PM: I continue reading… the first thing I look at in a student’s application is their first and se (more…)

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