I would like assist Writing a Segue for Church Hymns for the Youth Group

I would like assist Writing a Segue for Church Hymns for the Youth Group

I became expected at church this week to create my segue that is own for hymns for an activity our church youth team is wearing November 13th.

The hymns are typical within the key that is same therefore I assume this makes this task easier. We have never ever had to create a segue before, you may be willing to share to make this task easier so I would appreciate any words of wisdom.

That you do not state the length of time the interludes should be. Then i would (for simplicity’s sake) probably begin playing the chorus of piece number 2 when you are finished with piece number 1, and make that chorus your introduction/segue if they must be longer than 8 measures. However if you need something more creative, try this:

Take advantage of melody fragments to either echo where you happen, or prepare you for just what is coming within the piece that is next. Borrow through the next tune, additionally, the chord accompaniment habits or rhythms.

In the event that time signature is changing, you ought to prepare the vocalists for the, with some measures (2 to 4, and quite often 8) for the rhythm that is new. It might should be like a trumpet sign, a TAH, ta-ta tah tah TAH! You may want to POUND that brand new rhythm into the pinnacle regarding the song frontrunner or choir. and I would ike to guarantee you that, however, the track frontrunner may move to fast and there get in ahead of you. You should be adaptable!

Should your segues needs to be quick, i would result in the dominant (5th action) a prominent element of a cadence that pre-figures the coming song. Then start the next song with the tonic chord, C if you were in the key of C, that would mean using lots of note G in the melody, and chords C, F, and G7. if I were playing that lead-in, I would make the G7 chord the final chord of the seque, and. (more…)

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